Fundemental Building Blocks for Athletes

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Meeting Date:  08/08/17

Meeting Time:  8:20 PM



Tom Hogy - president

Matt Hochmuth - equipment

Chris Behles – Dir of Football Operations

Jeff Gassner - Equipment

Kristin Reinacher – Cheer

Chris Grannis – IMPACT

Tom Wiley – fields

Pete Considine - Fields

Jeff Kramer – Equipment

Dave Rysavy - registrar

Jamie Sweeney - communication

Josh Cunningham - finance

Dawn Freitag – Fundraiser



Nicole McMurtry

Gretchen Hogy

Natalie Camacho



Meeting Agenda


  1. Call to Order Motion: Tom Hogy    2nd: Hochmuth
  2. Approval of April Minutes Motion: Dave Rysavy  2nd:  Pete Considine
  3. Public Address to Board – We are going to have some scheduling problems with the week before opening weekend. Open Houses and Walk Throughs are going to make parking a problem. Chris Behles is going to work with the school district on a resolution to this problem, as we can’t cancel 3 days of practice right before opening weekend.
  4. Miscellaneous: Combine went really well. There have not been any complaints. In fact, we have had a lot of compliments on how well things have been organized and run.



  1. Reports
    1. Finance: Deposits this month were from registrations and sponsorships. Expenses this past month have been insurance, bows for the cheerleaders and some miscellaneous Boombah orders.
    2. Registration: Registration is complete. Teams have been settled with the exception of Bantam and they are finishing that up tonight. Several families still owe registration monies. Dave will be sending warning emails to those families this week. Concussion testing notices were sent out and it appears most have either been tested or have appointments to do so. Harder to track now since kids are having to test for a variety of other sports and we have to wait for Centegra to get back to us on whether kids have completed their screenings.
    3. Fields: Still do not have anyone for striping of the Marlowe field. Waiting to hear back from one company. Feelers are out with a couple other companies as well.
    4. Equipment: Coaches bags and equipment have been handed out. Awaiting a quote from Rydell on pricing more bags and ½ rounds. Sheds/PODS were majorly cleared out due to IMPACT equipment initiative. We donated any shoulder pads older than 2015. We donated helmets older than 2009.Only other expected expenses this year will be new game balls and 100 sheets of number decals for helmets. Matt will be available for the first 30-45 minutes of combine to hand out equipment, do equipment exchanges and fix equipment.
    5. Fundraising: Bowling fundraiser raised approximately 1,900. Not bad for the first year. Event was a lot of fun. Hopefully next year will be bigger and better. Scrimmage Fest Updates: We have someone to sing the national anthem. We have secured 5 food trucks and they are being charged a flat rate this year. We currently have 15 vendors and they are all being charged a flat rate. Raffle Basket Themes/Letters have been sent out to coaches and team moms. We are having a competition this year for the basket that raises the most money (most tickets), that team will win pizza for the players. We need board members to set aside this entire day to supervise and work the event, with the exception of when your teams/kids are playing in their scrimmages. There are a total of 50 teams, over 900 kids and their families attending this year. This will be well over 3,000 people in attendance this year. This is way bigger than last year. Games will start promptly at 10 am and will wrap up around 5 pm. We will not be doing Powder Puff this year. All Big 10, JV and Varsity will be playing on the game field. Wanted to put flyweights on this field, but it didn’t work out with scheduling. Final schedule will be coming out soon. High school football players will be helping out at the event too. Chris is working with Zimm’s on this. Charity Mania seems to be going really well. Several people have turned in their cards already and multiple families have requested more cards.
    6. Cheer: Nothing new. Cheer squads will be assigned blocks of time to cheer during Scrimmage Fest.
    7. IMPACT: Major donation was made to Windy City Dolphins Football League, thanks to the efforts of Maggie Pupich and Chris Grannis. Our community came out in droves to donate pants, cleats, guards, etc. Additionally, the league donated over 200 shoulder pads and 200 helmets. We will also be doing a food drive at Scrimmage Fest.
    8. Coaching Committee: 8 coaches still need to complete their USA Football certification. Chris and Jeff will follow up with these coaches to insure that if gets done. Need to work with USA Football to streamline this process better, since we had non HYF coaches complete USA Certification on out dollar. Discussion of how combine is to be run. Review of upcoming meeting dates for Coaches. Couple late coach registrations taking place in the next couple of days. Coach Store closes at midnight on Wednesday!
    9. TCYFL: (Report from Jeff Kramer from last TCYFL meeting).
  1. Injury Reports have to done diligently this year. TCYFL wants to track this information this year for reporting purposes.
  2. We also have to work on timely and accurate referee reports. Coaching committee will send reminders to coaches about doing this.
  3. ONLY 7 coaches per team. Each team will only get 7 badges. It will be up to head coaches with more than 7 coaches to assign places for everyone. It is a TCYFL rule and we need to follow the rules.
  4. TCYFL Head Coaches Meeting is on August 23rd. We will most likely make this a non-practice day.


  1. Adjournment   Motion: Dave Rysavy      2nd: Chris Behles