Fundemental Building Blocks for Athletes

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by posted 06/27/2017


By now most of you have received your Charity Mania Fundraiser Cards. Everyone was given 10 cards and it is expected that everyone either sell their 10 cards, opt out by paying $125 or go above and beyond and sell more than their allotted 10 cards. We hope that everyone is getting out there and selling those cards. We increased our sales last year and we are hoping to increase our sales even more this year! Please remember that fundraising is the primary way that we keep registration costs down for our families. Some people have already started asking for additional cards, so we wanted to get information out to everyone about how to go about doing that.

If you need more cards, please contact Gretchen Hogy via email or cell phone.

      or       224-805-3180


Don’t forget that you can always try our online sales option this year, which is described in your Charity Mania envelope. This option does not require you to deal with printed cards other than your original 10 that were given to you at equipment handout.

We have not determined an official deadline for turning in cards yet, but it will be around the 1st week of the regular season (8/20 – 8/27), as all cards have to be activated by us (HYF) NO LATER THAN 9/9/17. More information will follow on exact turn-in dates.